Meet Reverend Jason Borton

Reverend Jason Borton has inspired and empowered individuals and audiences around the country to create their dreams. Jason has studied with masters in the fields of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, success coaching, interpersonal communication and energy therapy. As an ordained interfaith minister, he strives to understand his clients’ unique viewpoint and work within it to allow them to reach their maximum potential. He regularly hones his skills by working with internationally known teachers and coaches. His clients include doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers and parents.

A workshop or session with Reverend Jason is a fun and supportive experience. From the initial intention, you will co-create a space where you will see the divine love in your current situation and then take that love forward into your future. You will leave your session empowered with simple strategies that will start getting you results today. Reverend Jason guides his clients to manifest their dream lives by removing self-imposed roadblocks and providing them the tools and support to act now.

Reverend Jason’s goal is to raise the Love, Light and Abundance of the entire planet. He is working towards that goal: one person, one breakthrough at a time.

Clear Your Energy!

Clear the negative energies, limiting beliefs, and old thought patters that are preventing you from living a healthy, energetic and successful life. Rev Jason takes a unique approach to energy healing that is a combination of Divine Healing, Energy Healing and Angel Therapy. All sessions are powerful and no touch.  You relax in a comfortable chair at our healing center or you can choose a distant session and relax in the comfort of your own home. You will feel completely at peace and connected with your higher soul!
Most sessions are available as remote sessions via Skype or phone.

Transformation ins Licht


What people are saying about Rev Jason.

I met Reverend Jason at the Hot Air Balloon Glow and in that short meeting with him, he made a positive difference in my life. I look forward to the classes and all BreakThruLiving has to offer. Thank You.

– Dawnette – Tampa

It’s like Christmas at my house tonight! I just unpacked a bag full of salt scrubs and healing sprays that I made at Jason’s DIY Sprays and Salt Scrub class. His presentation was very informative with useful information that I can use everyday in self care to reduce stress and facilitate healing. I also learned how to scan the body and essential oils for appropriate use, and how to see Prana. It was a fun and exciting class. Thank you Jason for sharing your gifts.

– Kathy – Tampa
It is good to work with Jason for several reasons. A couple of those reasons are: that he shows a different way to look at things to help with my personal growth; he is a joy to be around and is a wonderful speaker.  His coaching helped me to look at life in a better light and to set goals both short term and long term so I am able to achieve my idea of success in my life.  Since I have worked with him I breathe more… meaning I think about things more than just reacting.  I would most definitely recommend coaching with him.

– Linda Quinn, Tampa

Jason’s quick, direct and focused coaching style has opened up a massive shift in my life and business that will sky rocket my free time and my income at the same time! Thanks!

– Teresa Lidquist, Phoenix, AZ

You will forever be indebted to Jason. His masterful hands and mind will guide you through the necessary steps in hypnosis. It was a beautiful, rewarding experience to see such energy and change. It was instant. Please do not wait for your life.

Alexis Lombardo, California

I was struggling with an issue and Jason was able to work with me in a very short period of time and bring back my confidence…  I just thank him for everything he has done.  He is an amazing coach and a great inspiration…  If you are thinking about utilizing his services absolutely go for it because he is awesome.

– Mary Fry, California.

If you are challenged with anything in your life, an emotional event that you feel is holding you back, Jason will help you break through it and move to the next level.

– Rachel Sweet PhD, Chicago

If you want to be successful, Jason is the Guy!

– Denise Chartrand, Toronto

Thank you for this thought: “If you believe your goals are impossible – they will not happen.  If you believe they are easy and fun, then you will achieve them with joy and ease.”  It was worded just perfectly to really make an impact on me. I appreciate it and will remember it!

 – Anne Marie, Tampa

I want to say Thank You and More to you!  I enjoyed Wednesday evening and walked away feeling glad that I attended.  However, I did not expect to have the flashes of insight hit me as they have since then.  I am very impressed with you, your abilities and techniques and would highly recommend you to anyone I meet.  Thank you again and I will consider attending other programs you conduct.

– Pat, Tampa